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Build a House for the Homeless Cats!


Build a House for the Homeless Cats!

A lot of homeless and wild cats are running in the streets and searching for haven around our homes. Little mousers don’t have enough room to live in specialized shelters. There’re sterilization programs which helps to decrease their population and keep them from spreading various diseases but after the procedure, cats are released into the streets again where they annoy people and makes hygiene related problems.

This is not the only problem that our society has to face. It’s not a secret that our detention facilities doesn’t provide necessary social activities to the prisoners who are wasting their time doing nothing. So maybe there’s a solution for both problems?

About the project. The aim of the project is to build more houses for homeless cats with the help from the convicts. They will get the necessary supplies and training material to build homes for cats. The place for the construction will be selected in cooperation with municipality. There also will be a possibility for people to buy or even to construct those houses in order to create clean and safe environment for themselves and others.

Donated funds will be used to buy necessary supplies to build houses for homeless and wild cats.