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„Big Brothers Big Sisters“


„Big Brothers Big Sisters“

Every third child in Lithuania feels lonely - experiences various types of violence, parental divorce, emigration of a loved ones, loss or illness, feels misunderstood in the family or school. Such child is more isolated from others, as if drowning in his world, or, conversely, tries to make contact in harsh and even aggressive ways. Children who do not receive help, may do not trust themselves, does not learn to constructively resolve conflicts in the work team and in their families. They may find it harder to survive failures and are at greater risk of experiencing anxiety or depression.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters” volunteers are here to help to children. Friends (child and volunteer) go to the gym, movies or the theater, meet for a cup of tea, make handicrafts or food, read books together, attend exhibitions or just "chill" and talk about topics that are important to them.

Such emotional support provided by volunteers helps children to survive difficult situations, to strengthen psychologically and to choose the right direction of life, to stop self-harming and aggressive or violent behavior towards others. Your support is very important and needed so that 80 volunteers can provide emotional support to 80 children this year (7-14 years old).

Every contribution is an opportunity for a child to have a friend who hears, understands, encourages, supports and inspires!