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A sensor for starting a different life


A sensor for starting a different life

Type 1 Diabetes - an incurable, lifelong disease that cannot be prevented - neither diet nor lifestyle affects the onset of the disease. Disease management - It is very difficult for a sick person to have regular insulin injections and blood glucose measurements.

The best and most effective way of monitoring blood glucose levels are glucose sensors , which allow you to continuously monitor your blood glucose levels and make decisions about your insulin dose, food intake, exercise, and more. It is essential to start using glucose sensors as soon as you become diagnosed with diabetes, as this helps to understand the principles of disease management and ensures better control of the disease (which leads to more effective treatment and is crucial in the long term - less likely to have complications in the future). Practice shows that people who are aware of the possibilities of effective disease management take more care of their health, improve their emotional state, and return to a normal rhythm of life.

At present, patients with diabetes mellitus are only offered glucose meters that measure glucose from a drop of blood, which means that every time before, after, between meals, or at any other time when health condition is suspicious (usually about 10 to 20 times a day).

Glucose sensors are not used in hospitals, they are not reimbursed, they are quite expensive (1 sensor - 60 Eur) and not affordable for everyone. The disease already requires a great deal of effort and knowledge, so a glucose sensor provided in the first days of the disease could be a real financial, emotional, and well-being aid to overcome the first challenges of living with an incurable disease.

We want to make the new stage of life with the disease as smooth and easy as possible, and the further management of the disease is simpler and guarantees a state of health that allows you to return to a normal rhythm of life and be able to work.