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A Place Where Children Want to Be


A Place Where Children Want to Be

The public institution Pal J. Matulaitis Social Center has been operating for 20 years and the purpose is to provide social support, to help people to preserve their dignity and to defend their rights. One of the activities children's day care center „Vaikai – vaikams “. Here, children take part in daily educational activities: they come to the day care center to prepare lessons, play board games, educational and active games, engage in artistic activities, hike and go on study trips. Without listed regular classes children and their families receive social, psychological and material support to deal with current difficulties. It also strengthens the connection between families through counseling, joint events and camps.

Approximately 40 children from families with various (social, psychological, material) difficulties take part in individual consultations, various activities, and group activities per year. Some bigger events and celebrations organized for children along with family members.

"I like to come to the day care center because I can meet friends and do activities that I enjoy." – Kornelija, 11 years old.

The premises of the children day care center are very old, the ventilation is poor, the premises have mold, sewerage and plumbing system not often working, so the social center is in need of serious repair.

After making necessary repairs (floor replacement, repainting of walls and ceilings, new lighting, sanitary facilities, etc.), cleaner and better-equipped rooms will bring joy to children, spending time in a beautiful environment every day, and allow the staff of the center to work in better conditions. We try to create more family-friendly environment to make it more fun and enjoyable for children at the children day care center.

We kindly invite you to contribute for the renewal of our facilities to create a place where children want to be!