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Let's Build "SOS Hope Apartment"


Let's Build "SOS Hope Apartment"

Many ill, disabled and old animals find their homes and even live their whole life in “SOS Animals“ shelter. These animals are in need for warm and well-fitted place to live, which can not yet be provided by “SOS Animals“. Cold winters are unbearable for weak animals, their medical condition gets even worse and going outside takes a lot of their energy. In order to create better living conditions, to make the lives of these animals brigther and more pleasant, we are seeking our dream and starting to build a new shelter called “SOS Hope Apartment“.

While “SOS Hope Apartment“ will be etablished, a long way is waiting. Approximately 70 thousand euros are needed to build a shelter. Everyday costs consist of food, treatment, sterilizations, vaccinations, cleaning utilities, constant expenses for electricity, transportation, heating in winter.

Every, even the little one, donation is welcome, because it helps to achieve our goal – a new, warm and safe home for homeless animals.