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Dignity Home for Dignified Age


Dignity Home for Dignified Age

4 out of 10 elderly people in Lithuania live in poverty and isolation. By 2040, they will make 30% of Lithuanians. However, there are still no effective solutions how our grandparents, parents and ourselves will live in the future.

Social project “Dignity Home” offers an innovative solution. We are creating the first home of dignified age, which allows the elderly live a quality life with their own income and will solve poverty and isolation problems. How will we make this happen?

Almost half of the elderly in Lithuania live alone and in poverty in their own accomodation. Most of their income, especially during the heating season, is spent on maintenance of uneconomical accomodation. That‘s why we invite the elderly to rent their old accomodation and move to new and specially made for them flats in “Dignity Home”. The income from renting their flats will totally cover the expenses of living in “Dignity Home”, so the whole pension will be left for any other elderly needs.

Every resident of “Dignity Home” will have a separate flat with a kitchen and bathroom. There will be also a shared place for residents to meet, communicate and other activities. This will solve the problems of isolation. The previous accommodation of the elderly stays as their property, so if they decide to, they can always come back to their older home.

The place for pilot “Dignity Home” project is already bought in Vilnius (Loretos Asanavičiūtės st. 46). At this moment, the accomodation is being renewed and 4 separate flats with a shared place will be made. The elderly will be chosen with a help of psychologists. If the pilot project suceeds, the second household will be created with funds from donors. The model of “Dignity Home” not only maintains itself, from the third household no funds for development will be needed.