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"Mano guru" - a Chance for a Second Life


"Mano guru" - a Chance for a Second Life

Cafe "My Guru" was established to implement and sustain the work reintegration program for addicted people. The purpose of ongoing social projects is to help former drug addicts, prisoners and socially isolated people to reintegrate into the society. Most of the "My Guru" employees have had these problems but now they're learning and gathering valuable work experience. Involvement in these projects helps them to find a job and, receive legal income and to be independent from governmental financial support mechanisms.

Salad bar "My Guru" has faced huge financial losses due to renovation works of Vilnius street which lasted almost a year. There aren't any additional income sources therefore it was impossible to fully implement social projects and to provide the whole package of services for help seeking individuals.

Temporary accommodation is a very important element of social reintegration model which gives participants the sense of security and decrease the risk of getting back to the old environment with alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances. The critical aspect of social integration is the strong sense of safe environment.