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A Child Who is Listened to is a Happy Child


A Child Who is Listened to is a Happy Child

“Thank you for your help! Sometimes it feels that only you understand me”. (13 years old teen)

“Hi, your letter made me feel stronger in my heart. I managed to stop bullying in my class and now everybody gets along”. (10 years old girl)

“I think we can share our problems with Child Line but it’s really hard to reach them by phone. But when I did, they gave me advice. Volunteer listened to me and was very kind”. (13 years old teen)

“I just don’t know how to express my gratitude to you. If wouldn’t made that call, I would probably be dead. Thank you so much” (16 years old teen).

In 2016, "Children Helpline" answered to 154 395 children calls and 1348 e-mails. Last year, we managed to enlist and train more volunteers and our capabilities to help children have risen. If Helpline could have only answered 1 out of 17 calls in 2014, now we are able to answer 1 out of 4.

In order for "Children Helpline" to work continuously and children to receive all the support they need because of the difficulties, the following things are needed:
- volunteer trainings;
- supervision of volunteer work and constant qualification raise;
- the coordination of volunteer work;
- office maintenance.

Help us to listen!