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Take Care of Children by Helping a Family


Take Care of Children by Helping a Family

Family Home of Mother Teresa is a place for women which are experiencing an pregnancy crisis. We also ensure that newborns and children would receive all the necessary support for their healthy development. We believe that Children's Homes make more harm than good and we hope to decrease the number of children living in there because all they need is family.

This project provides social and complex services for women living through pregnancy crisis. It's a continuous project which started in 2014. Family home of Mother Teresa is the only place in the region of Šiauliai which can provide such services.

We ensure that mothers suffering from pregnancy crisis would receive all the support: a place to live, medical, social, psychological and legal help. We also educate them how to be a responsible parent and develop their skills for daily household choirs.

Very often mothers living in Family Homes have mental issues which makes it harder for them to deal with crisis. Most of them were raised in Children's Home and belongs to social risk group with low income. At this moment we have 12 rooms for mothers with children and 1 room for women experiencing pregnancy crisis. From the beginning of this project 41 woman used our rooms. Now we support 13 mothers and 22 children.

Your support will be crucial in saving lives and helping to develop responsibility for parenthood.