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VšĮ „Už švarią Lietuvą“

"Save The Baltic Sea" and its expedition's goal are education and community building. The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world, so we want to spread the message: by working together, we can preserve it!

In our efforts, we will:

Inform the public about the condition of the sea's ecosystems and the impact of human activities on it, and share ways to reduce our impact on the decline in marine biodiversity and pollution;

Collaborate with scientific institutions and environmental organizations from the Baltic Sea countries, inviting them to join educational activities to get to know our sea, its challenges, and to engage in citizen science.

Work together with various educational institutions and scientists to analyze the condition of the sea in different locations;

Invite people to come together for a "Baltic embrace." In September 2024, we will invite residents of all Baltic Sea countries to join hands on the beaches and symbolically embrace the sea;

Call for change together with the intergovernmental Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - HELCOM. We will encourage countries to take immediate action by implementing the Baltic Sea Action Plan signed by the countries in 2007;

Organize coastal clean-ups in all Baltic Sea countries. We will invite local residents to coastal clean-up and trash collection events, bringing communities together for discussions and events on marine topics;

Invite representatives from science, government, business, and the public to workshops – "living laboratories" – where we will look for the most suitable ways to reduce negative impacts on the Baltic Sea for each location. The findings will help protect the sea after the expedition.
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