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"Diabetes IQ" Club

The Diabetes IQ Club is an organization that unites almost 400 children, young people and adults with type 1 diabetes. Family members and relatives of sick persons also take part in the activity.
The mission is to help people with type 1 diabetes, especially those newly diagnosed, meet the challenges of the disease.
Our purpose: to unite and strengthen the community of people with type 1 diabetes, to promote its activity; to represent and defend the rights and interests of persons with disabilities; to provide information and assistance related to the rights of persons with disabilities and the treatment of type 1 diabetes; to help sick children and adults integrate into society; to promote the use of the latest diabetes management tools, to educate the public about the signs of the disease, to prevent people with type 1 diabetes from being discriminated against and to integrate easily into their environment.
Main activities: social projects, publishing of the magazine "Diabeto IQ", help for the newly ill, advocacy in educational institutions, NDNT departments, support for diabetes management tools, training and consultations on diabetes management issues, organization of lectures, various events, exhibitions, camps.
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