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About Us


ABOUT AUKOK.LT – the biggest online donations portal in Lithuania, founded in 2009, which enables individuals and legal entities donate more convienently. In our work we follow 8 main values, which objectify our goals:

Our organization follows Code of Ethics & Conduct for NGOs. You can read the whole code here.

HOW IT WORKS functions as an in-between assistant: invites organizations to raise funds, assess and select fundraising projects and publish them in, where goodwill donors can easily and fast donate a certain amount of money with one click. Collected funds reach organizations rapidly and conveniently. After projects are implemented, organizations fill the reports and every donor can see and read them.

People, who would like to fundraise for certain project, are able to log in to our Ambassador program.


Aukok network is a transparent and open way to donate money, things and your time online for those, who need this help the most.

Aukok network provides more opportunities to do good deeds. Choose, how you would like to help – donate money, give away your things, spend your time. We will help to find those, who need your kindness today the most.