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Help abandoned animals


Help abandoned animals

Help us help them! The numbers of abandoned animals are growing, so your help is needed more than ever. With your help abandoned animals will be treated, fed and sheltered until they find safe new homes and rediscover human warmth and love.

About the organization. Public enterprise “SOS animals” provides voluntary help for stray animals: a shelter, veterinary treatment and search for a new home. During 2011 thanks to the organization and its volunteers 2,139 stray animals were saved and treated, they found new homes and loving owners.

About the project. The goals of this project are as follows:
1. To provide necessary/urgent help for 350-400 newly abandoned animals.
2. To provide full veterinary inspection and the necessary procedures/operations.
3. To sterilize female dogs/cats in order to reduce the number of undesired puppies/kittens in the population.
4. To vaccinate complexly against plague, parvovirus gastroenteritis, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, etc.
5. To provide full-fledged care in the shelter: to feed, look after, treat, help socialize.
6. To provide the necessary measures such as animal beds, litter, leashes, collars, vitamins.
7. To search for new owners, to write the diaries of the animals and to find new homes.

In the shelter a dog or a cat is attended, fed, walked and loved by the volunteers. The animal is not constrained in time – it lives in the shelter until new owners are found, so usually the animals stay up to half a year – a year. Those dogs or cats that do not adapt to the new environment or people and are thought to have little chance to find new home, are accommodated in “SOS animals” cottage house in Kaišaidorys region, where they can enjoy their freedom, everyday meal and the rest of their lives.

Every story of a saved animal is described in detail on the web page of the organization, where the diaries are updated daily. The photos and descriptions of the saved animals are posted in the advertisement section of the website and in printed publications. Everyone who wants to become the owner of a saved animal receives the necessary information, is able to visit the animal in the shelter and once it is arranged with the representatives of “SOS animals”, s/he can take it home.

A sum of 35,000 Lt has already been transferred for this project by