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1.2% of income tax support


Transfer 1.2% of your income tax to

If you are a tax payer in Lithuania and would like to support the development of, you can do so by transferring 1.2% of your income tax to the administrating enterprise. Fill an online form in Electronic Declaration System (EDS) of the State Tax Inspectorate till 2021-05-03.

HOW TO transfer 1.2% tax income online?

1. Log in to The Electronic Declaration System of the State Tax Inspectorate HERE.
2. In the top menu choose "Declaration", on a menu on the left "Fill a form".
3. Choose form FR0512 v.4 to fill online.
4. The information you need to fill out the request online:

5 Mokestinis laikotarpis – 2020 [tax period]
6S Mokesčio dalį skiriu vienetams, turintiems teisę gauti paramą – ✔ [I transfer part of my taxes to the following beneficiary]

E1 Gavėjo tipas – 2 [type of beneficiary]
E2 Gavėjo identifikacinis numeris (kodas) – 301678868 [code of beneficiary]
E3 Mokesčio dalies paskirtis – AUKOK.LT [aim of donation]
E4 Mokesčio dalies dydis (procentais) –  1,20 [percent of the revenue tax to be transferred, max. 1.20]
E5 Mokesčio dalį skiriu iki mokestinio laikotarpio – 2024 [year until which you want to transfer part of your taxes, 2024 latest]

Have questions? Get in touch with us!

If you have any questions concerning 1.2% of income tax support, please write to us or call us +370 602 31001.

Transfer 1.2% later – receive a reminder

If you would like to transfer 1.2% of income tax later and receive a reminder, please write to us